Electric Tower

Electricity generated from the power plant is transmitted to the load control centers through a transmission line, the transmission line can be in the form of air ducts or underground channels, but generally in the form of air ducts. Electric energy that is channeled through the air transmission line generally uses bare wire so that it relies on air as the insulating medium between the lead wire and surrounding objects, and to support / stretch the lead wire with a height and distance that is safe for humans and the surrounding environment, lead wires it is installed in a sturdy building construction, commonly called a tower. Between the tower / electricity tower and the lead wire is insulated by an insulator.

Steel tower construction is a type of high voltage transmission line construction (SUTT) or extra high voltage transmission line (SUTET) that is most widely used in the PLN network, because it is easily assembled especially for installation in mountainous areas and away from highways, the price is relatively more cheap compared to the use of underground channels and easy maintenance.

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